NEWSLETTER ISSUE NO 1 – February 2023

15 February 2023

Table of Content

Topic 1:
SAFLEC/EFLC’s Trade Show Funding Webinar

Many applications to the dtic by members for trade fair funding are rejected because they’re incomplete or incorrect, so SAFLEC held a detailed webinar training session on the 2nd of February. EFLC, in collaboration with SAFLEC and the dtic, developed a new training programme to help applicants correctly apply for government programmes, funding and grants. The session included export orientation and market access knowhow. Larger companies took part in a physical session on the 2nd of March at the SAFLEC offices, hosted by the dtic.

Topic 2:
SAFLEC/EFLC’s Retailer Compliances & Trends Webinar

SAFLEC/EFLC have been lobbying South African retailers to buy more locally manufactured goods for their stores in the BELN countries and other African states.  We viewed this as the quickest and easiest way to grow exports into parts of Africa where there are few formal retailers aside from the South African chains. SAFLEC/EFLC, in collaboration with TFG, hosted a webinar on Retailer Compliances and Trends on 22 February 2023. The main aim was to equip more South African manufacturers with the understanding of how they could become suppliers to chain retailers. The webinar covered pricing, presentation, timelines, diversified product ranges and other points.

Topic 3:
SAFLEC/EFLC & Productivity SA Collaboration

  • Emerging Companies Programme
  • Kaizen Programme
  • Green Programme

EFLC partnered with Productivity SA this year to host a webinar/workshop on the Kaizen Principles on 08 February 2023.  Companies that participated in the web training have been invited to apply to take part in the Kaizen & Green Programmes funded by the EFLC cluster and Productivity SA. 

These programmes assist with: 

  • Implementing productivity concepts to grow their business.
  • Eliminating/reduction of wastage in all forms
  • Measuring efficiencies of their employees and machines
  • Maximising profits
  • Early warning systems.

Topic 4:
Pure London Trade Show

13 South African footwear and leather goods manufacturers exhibited at Pure London this February, four years since our last exhibition in the UK. Jodam Manufacturers continued its pre-show negotiations with Nando’s. Retailer TKmaxx is now sampling in SA for an order for 5000 bags from recycled materials. Smaller UK chains showed interest in our footwear manufacturers. It was a slow start back in the UK but also a learning curve for us all.

Topic 5:
Export Figures 2022 Show That We Have Increased Exports

The final stats sent by SARS show that SA footwear and leather goods exports have increased globally as well as to BELN countries and other African states. The global increase was relatively small, but bearing in mind the many challenges, it was commendable. The growth of exports to the BELN countries was bigger, and parties are currently interrogating figures before publishing.

Topic 6:
Let’s Hear What Our Members Have To Say!

“Our attendance at trade shows in New York through SAFLEC efforts have led to signing up a distributor, starting and launching of the HOWZIT brand in USA. Our first order went off to Anthropology and after the re-launch in Vegas last week more doors have opened. SAFLEC is also responsible for making the Harley order possible by facilitating our attendance at a trade show in New York last December. Thank you SAFLEC!!!”

Ashley Ramlakan

Angel Footwear

“Being a member of SAFLEC has enabled us to work on our export market strategy closely focusing on markets where our products perform really well.”

Tamburai Chirume

One of Each

“I would like to thank SAFLEC…it was because of their trade initiatives that we have made inroads into Africa. We currently export to Zambia and Zimbabwe.”


The World Focus Group

“We are happy with all the assistance that we receive from Nerisha and her incredible team here in KZN.”

Bradley Joyce

Neptun Boot
“SAFLEC provides a valuable service to the local footwear manufacturing industry in South Africa providing a valuable link between Government and the local manufacturing sector. This service, aligned to their excellent levels of communication and promotion, ensures that the local footwear industry enjoys the highest level of exposure that it requires to create employment, generate a buy local mentality and promote BUY SOUTH AFRICAN on all available international platforms at every available opportunity.

Gavin Broomfield

Neptun Boot

Topic 7:
Social Media

Our social media platforms have been hitting record-breaking hits. Our recent campaign obtained over 14,800,000 impressions and over 540,000 engagements, boosted to followers in the rest of Africa, Europe, Middle East, and North America. We encourage you to take advantage of our efforts to promote you. Send us content to push your company and brands. Also like, follow, and forward our links to your contact lists. Let us build the following globally so that we can show the world our capability.

Instagram: @saflec_team
Youtube: SAFLEC 

Topic 8:
Upcoming Events

Arsutoria One Week Footwear Workshop (Dbn) – 17-21 April 2023

Arsutoria One Day workshop (Ctn) – 24 April 2023

New York Trade Show – 6-8 June 2023

Busan Design Week – 22-25 June 2023

Leather World Paris – 3-5 July 2023